Sheena McGrandles


06.03. 22.15 - 22.50 h
07.03. 15.00 - 15.35 h
07.03. 22.15 - 22.50 h
08.03. 15.00 - 15.35 h
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Along a wall which is a recurring stage element in the work of choreographer Sheena McGrandles from Berlin, two figures are constantly reinventing/revising themselves – forward, backward, cut, start over, repeat. “FIGURED” is a constant interruption of moving bodies. In continuous new versions, previously performed movements generate multiple narratives and create illogical relations. The starting point is a reduced sequence of ten seconds, which is hyper-processed and demolished on stage throughout 40 minutes. McGrandles’ study on the represented body focuses on a complex composition and execution of the physical, revealing the absurdity and artificiality of everyday life. The live sound taken from various field recordings is fragmented and broken in a similar way. The result is a soundscape that creates a tension with detail, thereby dynamizing and amplifying it. Persistently, sometimes even obsessively, “FIGURED” adheres to detail and focuses on it over and over again.

Concept & direction: Sheena McGrandles 
Performers: Sheena McGrandles, Annegret Schalke
Sound: Stellan Veloce
Lighting design: Annegret Schalke
Stage design: Sheena McGrandles 
Light: Elliott Cennetoglu
Outside eye: Zinzi Buchanan, Thomas Schaupp
Tour management: ehrliche arbeit - freies Kulturbüro

Support: Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Agora MOVE Berlin