Sharon Eyal

Soul Chain

07.03. 20.30 - 21.20 h


The Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal and her partner Gai Behar have created “Soul Chain”, a sophisticated commissioned piece full of energy for the tanzmainz ensemble. Inspired by the strong emotions surrounding love, “Soul Chain” combines elements of ballet and electro, turning it into an exciting contemporary dance piece. “There are big feelings that are trapped inside the body. I don’t think it needs a story, the urgency expresses itself much more directly through the bodies, the muscles. ‘Soul Chain’ is a piece about longing. You can see the pain, the sweat and how the inner world is trying to break free.” (Sharon Eyal) The piece is an electrifying Gesamtkunstwerk in which the ensemble in Mainz, propelled by the beats of composer Ori Lichtik, releases innermost forces. tanzmainz is the contemporary dance company of the Staatstheater Mainz, which collaborates with international guest choreographers on a regular basis. Artistic synergy effects, the creation of networks, co-operations and co-productions play an important role in the artistic development of the company. In 2018, tanzmainz was awarded the German theater prize DER FAUST for this choreography.

Choreography: Sharon Eyal 
Artistic advice: Gai Behar
Costume: Rebecca Hytting
Composition: Ori Lichtik
Lighting, stage design: Alon Cohen
Choreographic assistence: Rebecca Hytting 
Rehearsal director: Andrea Svobodova

Dancers: Madeline Harms, Daria Hlinkina, Bojana Mitrović, Nora Monsecour, Amber Pansters, Maasa Sakano, Marija Slavec, Milena Wiese; Justin Brown, Zachary Chant, Finn Lakeberg, Cornelius Mickel, Sándor Petrovics, Matti Tauru, Louis Thuriot, John Wannehag

Director tanzmainz: Honne Dohrmann
Artistic production management: Lisa Besser, Julia Danila