Theater Bremen, Unusual Symptoms
Adrienn Hód – Hodworks


05.03. 20.00 - 21.30 h


“COEXIST”, created by the Ensemble Unusual Symptoms of Theater Bremen, discloses an equally insidious and merciless view on the political and social definitions in which our bodies move and by which they are shaped and influenced. Using black humor and an ecstatic dance language, the dancers mercilessly hold up a mirror to today’s world. Ranging between empathetic gestures and an ambivalent game of taboos and conventions, personal stories and social discourse, they confront the audience with the limits of perception and challenge them to question their own clichés and opinions as well as rebalance them. Adrienn Hód is considered one of the most important voices of the contemporary Hungarian dance scene. Her work is devoted to finding new forms of dance and dramaturgical principles in a playful and often provocative manner.

By & with: Gabrio Gabrielli, Nóra Horváth, Alexandra Llorens, Csaba Molnár, Nora Ronge, Aaron Samuel Davis, Andor Rusu, Jessica Simet, Young-Won Song, Antonio Stella
Choreography: Adrienn Hód
Artistic collaboration: Csaba Molnár
Costumes: Anna Lena Grote
Lighting design: Tim Schulten
Music: Ábris Gryllus
Dramaturgy: Gregor Runge
Production management: Ágnes Básthy, Alexandra Morales
Assistent director: Andy Zondag
Artistic advice: Ármin Szabó-Székely

Production: Theater Bremen, OFF Foundation
Support: Goethe-Institut (International Coproduction Fund), Conrad Naber Stiftung, Workshop Foundation
Coproduction: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest