Off Programme

Tanzexpress – Into the Bavarian Woods

Wed 04.03.
Pre-Trip to the Tanzzentrale der Region Nürnberg e.V.
Tafelhalle Nürnberg

Bavaria has a vivid and innovative contemporary dance scene – also outside of Munich. The Franconian city of Nürnberg and its local contemporary dance scene is only a one-hour train ride away. The Tanzzentrale der Region Nürnberg e.V. is offering a pre-trip titled “Into the Bavarian Woods” during which the participants have the opportunity to gain an insight into the work of dance professionals of the Nürnberg region and come into contact with local artists. As part of a pitching session, selected choreographers from the Nürnberg dance scene will present excerpts from current and new pieces in the Tafelhalle.

Organizer: Tanzzentrale in der Region Nürnberg e.V.


Off Programme

Exploring the city with ...

Munich’s independent dance scene is offering three performative city walks to present local artists’ venues and open spaces.

Route 1

Thur 05.03.
Gasteig – Theater HochX

Meeting point 10.00 h
Glashalle at Gasteig

ivo theatre: „The Land’s Heart is Greater Than Its Map“ by Olivia Furber / Ramzi Maqdisi / 9T Antiope

You are invited on an alternative guided tour of the only city that exists twice, once on earth and once in heaven: Yaboos. In Yaboos, daily life is stranger than fiction. You can see the sea but are forbidden to touch it, being honest is illegal. Your journey to this distant city will take place within Munich and requires only walking shoes and an open imagination.

11.30 h
Theater HochX 
Performative symposium „Transtopia“ 
With CHAKKARS, Taigué Ahmed, Mario Lopez, asperformance, NON Company

In brief keynote presentations and performative demonstrations, local artists address different approaches to creating spaces that allow for social change. How can structures be generated that actively enable change?

approx. 13.30 h, shuttle back to Gasteig

Route 2

Fri 06.03.
Iwanson International School – Tanztendenz e.V.

Meeting point 10.00 h
Galshalle at Gasteig

10.30 h
Iwanson International  
Open studios, coffee & cake

Start for an audio walk through the Westend district via the Bavaria, Theresienwiese to Tanztendenz, mentioning historic facts while focusing on open spaces. This route will be accompanied by students from the Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in a choreography by Munich-based choreographer Katja Wachter.

12.00 h
Tanztendenz München

With the motto “Artists for Artists”, the Tanztendenz München e.V.’s objective is to create a free space for dance: for research, experimentation and realization. For this purpose, the artists’ association operates three studios and an organizational office at the Lindwurmhof. After visiting the rehearsal center, an open space for encounters among dance professionals will be created based on the idea of a speed-dating session. The session will be moderated by Munich choreographer Ceren Oran. 

approx. 13.30 h, shuttle back to Gasteig

Route 3

Sat 07.03.
Schwere Reiter – Import Export

Meeting point 10.00 h
Glashalle at Gasteig

10.30 h
Schwere Reiter

In object costumes by Robert Kis based on ideas by Helmut Ott and Katja Wachter, the dancers Katrin Schafitel, Vivien Holm, Ludger Lamers, Anise Smith and others become living sculptures. Humans, material and movement enter into a symbiotic relationship. Endless layers of pink packaging tremble, yellow foam balls dance and white plastic sheets rotate in spirals.

11.30 h
PATHOS München

You can see a 15-minute-extract of the production „Aureol“, an audiovisual installation with dance performance, designed by the students of interactive media at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg. 

12.00 h

Visit MUCCA Halle with the possibility to get to know the space and current workshops of an Indian dance group and the Entity Theatre.

12.30 h

Visit the office of DANCE, the International Festival of Contemporary Dance of the City of Munich (17th edition: 2021) and, the leading German website for professional artistic dance; both are curated and hosted by Nina Hümpel.

12.45 h
Tanzbüro München, Studio 2

The international exchange project "Meeting Points" is the first cooperation between Tanzbüro München and The Work Room/Glasgow. In two research labs, the participating choreographers enjoy the possibility of an artistic exchange without the pressure of having to produce a work. After a first week of working together in October 2019 in Glasgow, Sahra Huby, Ceren Oran (Munich), Rob Heaslip and Tamsyn Russell (Glasgow) meet during TANZPLATTFORM DEUTSCHLAND in Munich for the second lab and open their studio.

"Meeting Points" is supported by British Council and Goethe-Institut Glasgow.

13.15 h
Import Export

Lunchtime and get together of local and foreign artists and programmers

Concept & organizers: Theater HochX, Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance, Tanztendenz München e.V. Funded by Bayerischer Landesverband für zeitgenössischen Tanz (BLZT) funded by Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Bezirksausschuss Sendling