Pitch ... and putt!

With Tim Behren, Hermann Heisig, Tümay Kilinçel, Fang Yun Lo, Patricia Carolin Mai, Paula Rosolen

Thu 05.03.
12.30 – 14.00 h
Kleiner Konzertsaal

As part of this pitching, six further choreographers selected by the jury will have the opportunity to give all professional visitors an insight into their artistic work within a given time slot.

Tim Behren is the artistic director of the company Overhead Project based in Cologne and Tübingen. Overhead Project develops pieces at the interface of contemporary circus and dance. Their choreographic work deconstructs what lies between bodies, between people - two languages that also allow different perspectives on how to deal with the space on stage.

Hermann Heisig lives and works as a choreographer, dancer and performer in Berlin. His work deals with the effects of friction that bodies produce within themselves, with each other and in contact with their environment. Heisig‘s work is characterized by an idiosyncratic vocabulary of movement that resists all efficiency and plays with elements of loss of control.

Tümay Kilinçel works as a freelance artist in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt am Main. Her current work „Dansöz“ deals with belly dancing as a central motif for erotic-exotic images of women, the role of men and exoticism in general. How can the body image in belly dance be made subject to social emancipation and thus become a means of empowerment?

The director and choreographer Fang Yun Lo works under the label Polymer DMT, based in Essen, Dresden and Taichung/Taiwan, at the interfaces of performance, contemporary dance, (documentary) theatre and media art. Themes such as identity, Heimat, interculturality form the basis of her artistic work. The focus is always on people and their destinies, and the inscription of these destinies in their bodies and social relationships.

Patricia Carolin Mai is a dancer, choreographer and dance mediator. Since 2013 she has been developing dance pieces in Hamburg at the interface of dance, performance and visual arts. The focus of her work is the investigation of the body as a memory store. In her current work „HAMONIM“, a stage community of 70 Hamburg residents was created, which is dissecting the parameters of being together practising a critical attitude towards the masses.

Paula Rosolen is an author, choreographer and director. In 2015 she founded the company Haptic Hide, based in Frankfurt am Main. In her choreographies she works at the interface of dance, performance, music and theatre. Rosolen wants to make visible the dance inherent in popular culture and secular activities by looking at these subjects from a certain point of view and then placing them in a foreign context.

Hosted by: Matthias Quabbe